For Caregivers








Thank you for your interest in joining our referral list.

Being invited to join the IRA referral list of caregivers is an honor that signifies you exemplify the quality characteristics of an exceptional caregiver: including initiative, enthusiasm, integrity, great communication skills, and being an elder advocate when necessary.

You will need to meet the qualifications below:

  • Have at least 2 years experience working with seniors (RN, CNA, LVN, HCA and/or HHA certification a plus)
  • CPR Certification
  • Be registered with CA Department of Social Services (fingerprinting required)
  • Legally able to work in USA
  • Proficiency in the English language
  • Be able to pass a test for illegal drugs
  • 3 positive employment references
  • TB test within the last 12 months
  • Valid Drivers license/clean driving record (DMV print out required) / Car registration and vehicle insurance if you provide transportation for your clients

Optional state licensing…

While it is not required, stand-out candidates have gone through specialized training to become an RN, CNA or LVN. There are also some state licensing protocols that can enhance your candidacy.

HCA: The California Department of Social Services sponsors an online application process and administers a criminal background check to allow caregivers to register as Home Care Aides. You can find the online application here:

HHA: The California Department of Public Health offers a Licensing and Certification Program to be a Home Health Aide worker in California. Click here for more information:

Taxes and other responsibilities…

Remember, you and your client agree to the terms of your employment and the rate of pay, and are required to set up a tax withholding system so that you and your employer are paying all legally required taxes. Though you might be tempted to accept payment under the table – if the IRS discovers the relationship, you will be responsible for back taxes and penalties.

Know what to expect financially! provides a household employment calculator to help you estimate taxes – and tax savings – so you can easily run scenarios and make good money management decisions. Try it out now: “Nanny Tax” Withholdings Calculator.

Perfect Match Program

The Irish Referral Agency understands that a good relationship between caregiver and the cared-for is essential. To that end, IRA employs a patented state-of-the art methodology of determining the best match that involves each party answering a series of five questions about themselves. The technology analyzes the answers and suggests the pairing based on caregiver qualities and the client’s needs. The matching tool gives the greatest opportunity for a successful personal and professional relationship.